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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Affiliate programs in India

Affiliate marketing is arguably the best online money making opportunity that bloggers, webmasters and other Internet marketers have at their disposal. The lack of good affiliate programs in India, however, force most Indian marketers to look up to popular foreign affiliate networks in order to carry out their campaigns and make money online. Many of them in fact target the US and Canada traffic alone to sell products relevant there and totally avoid marketing in India.
If you want to be an affiliate marketer of certain Indian products in the Indian market via your blog, website or email-social marketing, you are left with very few options when it comes to affiliate programs and networks. Here are some of the best affiliate programs in India that I could dig out.

Matrimonial affiliate programs

Thanks to our huge population and arranged marriage concepts, the matrimonial sites really thrive in India. Most of the matrimonial portals in India have good affiliate programs though the leading ones are the following:
1. affiliate program – Shaadi Rewards
Affiliate network: own managed
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger with personal blogs, news websites etc can apply. Rated/explicit/violent/stolen content cannot promote the brand (and that is the case with other affiliate programs mentioned below as well)
Referral commission: Rs. 10 to 25 per free profile. Revenue share of up to 40% for paid profiles.
Minimum payout: Rs. 990/- for Indian affiliates and Rs. 5000/- for foreign affiliates
Payment modes: Cheque for Indians and PayPal for foreign affiliates.
Payment schedule: Every month (i.e. Previous month’s earnings paid during current month subject to minimum balance)
Promotion channels support: Allows email marketing, PPC advertising etc but prefers website traffic and dedicated website page for matrimonial promotion in order to achieve 50% commission.
2. BharatMatrimony affiliate program – MatriMoney
Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger with personal blogs, news websites etc can apply.
Referral commission: An ‘undisclosed’ fixed amount per free profile signup. Revenue share of up to 25% for paid profiles from their first payment alone.
Minimum payout: Rs. 200/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Every month
Promotion channels support: Allows PPC advertising but with very strict copyright guidelines. Website traffic preferred.

Travel affiliate programs

Tourism and hospitality industry is booming in India and there’s plenty of business travel as well – thanks to the fast developing economy. The following are the best travel affiliate programs in India.
3. MakeMyTrip affiliate program
Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any webmaster or blogger who write about with air, travel, hotel, holidays, packaged tour, cruise program, car rental content can apply. Must not have competitor content (, ClearTrip,…) on the promoted pages.
Referral commission: 3% to 5% of air fare base price for domestic flights. Rs 500/- flat on International flight bookings. Holiday packages and hotels 8% of the published tariff.
Minimum payout: Rs. 5000/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Every month (45 days from previous months earnings)
Promotion channels support: N/A.
4. Yatra affiliate program
Affiliate network: Shoogloo Network
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: Rs. 120/- to 600/- per booking
Minimum payout: Rs. 5000/-
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: N/A
Promotion channels support: N/A

Online shopping affiliate programs

Online shopping in India is still not as big as it was projected to be but there are a few areas where there’s some momentum. The following are some of the best online shopping mall affiliate programs in India.
5. affiliate program is a premier online shopping portal for books, music-movie-game CDs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. They provide a very reliable affiliate program that is easy to join and track. Here are the details of this program.
Affiliate network: own
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 1% to 6% per sale (1% for mobile phones, 4% for CDs/DVDs and 6% for books)
Minimum payout: Rs. 250/- for Flipkart gift cards and Rs.2500/- for cheques
Payment modes: Cheque, Gift cards
Payment schedule: 60 days holding period for a particular month’s sales – i.e. paid on third month
Promotion channels support: Any
6. IndiaTimes Shopping affiliate
Affiliate network: Shoogloo Network
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission: 10% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any
7. Ferns n Petals program
FnP is India’s leading flowers, sweets and gift delivery portal. They do have an awesome affiliate program as per the following details.
Affiliate network: DGM India
Suitability: Any website or blog
Referral commission:15% per sale
Minimum payout: N/A
Payment modes: Cheque
Payment schedule: Monthly
Promotion channels support: Any
There is a lot of potential other niches (e.g. Career portals, Archies gifts/cards) to start their own affiliate programs but many of them after initial experiments and/or failed campaigns have closed down – for example, had an affiliate program till last year but it doesn’t seem to exist any longer. You may also recall that the eBay India partner program was discontinued in India sometime back.

Top affiliate networks in India

When it comes to affiliate networks in India, there aren’t many that provide huge number of products to market. As of today Clix Galore and DGM India are the leading ones while a few others have closed down. Also, none of the affiliate networks or programs in India offer amulti-tier affiliate programs and that is not good for people like me.
Some of the ad networks in India (e.g. Komli, Tyroo) are focusing more on direct ad campaigns for brands rather than passing the bounty to affiliates who could promote it. Hopefully this trend will change soon.


Please note that though I have signed up with most of the programs mentioned above, I am actively marketing only one or two of them. Based on my experiences, I shall probably write individual reviews about them later. At the moment, my campaign expenses are on the higher side as compared to the commission received from these programs. However, generic websites with huge traffic must be earning a lot out of these affiliate programs that are India specific.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

  1. Sell Your Own Ads- When your traffic is growing and also when you have a very niche audience, selling your own ads is a really great way to go. IFB put together a guide for selling your own ads, which has industry standards and ways to calculate how much you should charge.
  2. Join an Ad Network- Joining an Ad Network would really be more for bloggers who don’t want to manage their own ads sales. Ad Networks can be very lucrative for bloggers with a lot of traffic and who reach a wide audience.
  3. Use Affiliate Marketing in Your Post- Affiliates take a lot of patience to get started, but have the potential to be a great deal more lucrative than banner ads. Check out IFB’s Fashion Traffic Affiliate School for tips on using affiliates. 
  4. Use Affiliates in Your Social Media Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc – One of the tips for expanding your affiliate reach is to post in Pinterest, that way your affiliate links have a way to ‘go viral’
  5. Sell a Sponsored Post- Selling sponsored posts would be great for developing content for both the brand and your readers. At IFB we suggest using the “Post brought to you by: _____” and tailoring the content to be a win-win for everyone!
  6. Become a Brand Ambassador- If you love a brand and want to be their brand ambassador, you can package sponsorship opportunities, like incorporating ads or [disclosed] links into your posts, reaching out to your community on behalf of a brand. Doing a special campaign on twitter using branded hastags. The possibilities are endless!
  7. Host a branded Twitter Party-A twitter party is an online event at a specific time with a specific hashtag so people can follow. IFB did one for the Oscars and over 1000 bloggers participated. You can try it for your blog and get a brand involved!
  8. Sell an eBook- ProBlogger has been quite successful with his eBooks, I know I’ve shelled out $30 for an eBook. If you got juicy information to share, then you probably the beginnings of a successful eBook.
  9. Self Publish Your Own Book- Amazon has great tools for self-publishing, you don’t have to wait for a book deal to get your book started!
  10. Sell subscriptions to your blog- Selling subscriptions really works for companies that have highly important and useful information, WWD, Stylesight, are to name a few. If your blog has regularly updated niche information that takes a lot of time and resources to compile, selling subscriptions might be right for you.
  11. Open a Shop From Your Blog- After selling ads, this was the first thing I did to monetize, opening up a vintage shop. This in itself takes a lot of time and dedication but for some people has been the beginnings of a whole new career path.
  12. Sell Ad Space on Your Videos- Are you a video wiz? The market for pre-roll ads have really taken off, which means it could be a great time to start selling your own ads instead of relying on YouTube’s ad program.
  13. Make a Branded Video- Maybe your ad space is fine enough, but you can brand a video like you would a sponsored post, curate great content that would be useful for your viewers as well as the brand.
  14. Host an event and sell branded opportunities- The IFB Conference is one example of this, where we host an event, and sell branded opportunities (though all our proceeds go back to the IFB’s development, so we can stay self-funded). If you have an event where you know a lot of bloggers will be, it might be a great opportunity to extend this event to brands.
  15. Host a Branded Event- Here you can put together a branded event and invite your community or your readers.
  16. Host a Branded Giveaway on Your Blog- If you’ve had great response from your giveaways, then maybe you can step it up and offer a brand a more robust package for a giveaway, the sky’s the limit!
  17. Teach a Class from Your Blog- You can do this either on your blog and sell subscriptions to it, or you can do it in real life. Whether it be how to buy vintage, or how to be a social media superstar, your topics can only be limited by your imagination.
  18. Host a Branded Giveaway on Your Pinterest or Instagram- There are loads of great ways to extend your giveaways to other social media outlets, right now Pinterest and Instagram are super hot, and if you can think of a way to expand a brands presence on those platforms it’s particularly valuable.
  19. Sell services from your blog- Are you a photographer? A stylist? A writer? Can you consult brands about their own social media strategies? You can use your blog as home base for your budding business.
  20. Use your Blog as a Portfolio to get other jobs- Are you looking to make a career change but don’t have experience? Well, these days you don’t have to wait to get hired to get experience, you can create a portfolio with your blog which will get you that job you’ve always wanted.
This was all I could think of for now, but I’m sure there is a multitude of other ways to monetize your blog! What are some of the ways you monetize? Do share!

AdSense substitutes

Once a Google adsense account is blocked. You can't use it to earn anymore.
Here are few substitutes for your website or blog:

Top 5 Adsense Substitutes
Adbrite - Good interface that is easy to use, approve or reject any ads purchased, option to completely customize the look and feel of the ads,
Clicksor - Guaranteed payouts: $50 via Check or Paypal, solid net 15 payments, great client support, more than 10 different ad formats, 10% commission referral program.
Chitika – Content from high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users.
InfoLinks - Earn 70% revenue share, the highest around. Industry leading CTR, big brand advertisers for all sites – big & small, ads that are more relevant to your readers.
Bidvertiser - pays extra revenue for conversions, always display the highest bidders, constant improvement in your bidding, great tool to help you customize the layout of the ads, detailed online reports to monitor ad performance.


Difficult methods to make easy money online:

1. Data entry jobs

2. Freelancing(writing/graphic designing)


Top Easy Methods:

1.If  you have a blog or website where you can make clean posts.
Try Google Adsense. Best way to make easy money. But the main problem is you need Google's approval to your content and ads may not be content relevant. You need to generate your own traffic.

2.This is the method I TRUST the most. ADFLY

Pay per click ads. I have made quite some money through this.

You can post ads as banners or interstitials on your site/ blog....You can even shorten URLs to earn money. If you have good traffic, you can earn quick money. IF you have webmaster traffic you can earn by referring them as well. For each referral you earn 20% of their life time earnings. I would personally recommend this method.

                                                 Click the link below to register:

3. Paid To click sites:

YOu can earn money from these sites just to click a few ads. If you have free time, you can earn a lot. You can exchange these earnings for ads or paypal/payza funds. You can also earn for referrals Some popular PTC sites are:


Various shopping sites offer money to put their ads on your blog/ webpage. For each referral you get money in your paypal account or via check/gift card.

First step to making money online

Make an Account Any of the two following sites:


Since most sites use the above methods to transfer payouts.